Positive Dog Training & Behavior Services

Does your dog struggle with anxiety or fear?
Reactivity? Aggression?

Does the thought of managing your dog’s behavior stress you out?

We would love to help!

What Clients Have to Say

“Murphy has some serious trust issues and has had difficulty with new people. Taylor spent some time with Murphy and quickly gained his trust. She worked with him to learn to stay on a yoga mat and suggested that we take that with us on outings. Within a few days, he was able to stay with us on a patio with some friends with no issues. Taylor is absolutely magical.”

Ann & Murphy

“Taylor has a unique way to communicate immediately with the breed you have. My wife and I saw the benefits the first hour.”

Jeff & Ammo

“My boy was lashing out in fear of anyone he didn’t know. We were at our wits end and had lost all hope of a normal life or him “growing out of it” as he settled into our home. Taylor stepped in and showed our whole family kindness, patience and the proper way to redirect his behavior… Simply put, he was overstimulated and didn’t know what to do or how to investigate and determine if something new was actually a threat so he treated everything as if it were. With the help of Taylor, I have a quirky yet well adjusted boy.”

Andrea & Wilbur

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